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RIM and BMW collaborate on iDrive-controlled BlackBerry integration

BMW, BMW Modeļi, Tehnoloģijas | 04/05/2010 23:03

bmw-blackberry-idrive Research In Motion has been hard at work bringing new ways to integrate the functionality of its BlackBerry devices into the automobile. We recently brought you news of RIM's acquisition of QNX Software Systems, but before that partnership comes to fruition, several automakers (most recently including Ford, for example) have been working with the Canadian electronics firm – now one of the top five mobile phone-makers in the world – to bring the BlackBerry into the cabin in a distraction-free manner. The latest collaboration revolves around BMW's iDrive system, which has now been linked up with the BlackBerry to provide limited functionality while behind the wheel. Connecting through Bluetooth, the iDrive controller will now be able to read email messages aloud to the driver and occupants, and initiate calls either from the email sender or from the phone's contact list, displayed on the dash-top screen. The feature is being rolled out first on the new Pearl 3G, but is slated to arrive to all new devices running the new BlackBerry 6 mobile operating system.

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